4 Recommendations for Having Your Carpets Cleaned

Four Recommendations for Having Your Carpets Cleaned:
  1. Make a commitment to yourself to get your carpets cleaned.
    - The longer they remain dirty, the sooner you will be buying a new carpet. Also, having a dirty carpet for a long time presents a longer period of breathing in pollen, fungus, chemicals, and dust within your carpets.
  2. List your objectives.
    - For example, do you want only the dirt removed with a rented machine or do you want all the contaminants within your carpet removed from a professional, truck mounted extraction? Remember, hiring a company at a lower price is a company that might not be in business tomorrow.
  3. Ask Questions!
    - Before selecting a carpet company know all the specifics about that company. Do some research and know every aspect. Examples include what method of cleaning they suggest, what equipment is used, what can and cannot be removed from your carpet, how often a carpet should be cleaned, what training and certifications (which includes the IICRC), etc.
  4. Schedule An Estimate
    - Once satisfied with an honest, competent professional, invite that company into your home and ask for a specific quote in writing. This gives you assurance for the price that you will pay, with no surprising fees.
*These recommendations will help you make an informed, intelligent decision, which leads to excellent looking carpets! back

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