Air Duct Cleaning

Our air duct cleaning system is a very comprehensive one, which scrubs your duct work walls and vacuums the dust out of the system at the same time. We begin at the top level of your home and work our way to the basement (to assure we reach as much contamination as possible).

Each individual duct is thoroughly cleaned during this process. To do so, our certified technicians remove each vent cover throughout your household and run our cleaning system throughout your air systems. Remember, air duct cleaning is certainly a service where the quality of the job is dependent on the diligence of the operator!

Although it is impossible to remove every spec of dust and dirt from a system (from dead ends, structural limits, etc.), our technicians are instructed to run our equipment until the hose comes out clean. The most attention is put on your individual furnace(s). Through our access holes that we create, a larger brush head and inserted into the main duct within the house.

Following each individual vent cleaning, a special solution is “fogged” into the system to sanitize and deodorize it. We also run a quality check on your system and your old filter is used to capture any hidden dust pushed through the system from the fogging procedure.

The final result of your air duct cleaning will provide your family and household with better quality air. By better quality air, we mean a large reduction in airborne particles including dust and dirt. This air improvement can also have multiple benefits including a healthier environment!

*We ask that you have a new filter for the day of service for us to replace your old filter with, this is because it makes much more sense to start with a clean filter!

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