Encapsulation (Dry Carpet Cleaning)

Encapsulation is a form of dry carpet cleaning, usually performed as routine maintenance for commercial cleanings (but can also be performed for residential cleanings). After vacuuming and applying a special pre-spray treatment, our IICRC technician uses a state-of-the-art encapsulator, brushing your carpet’s fibers back and forth to apply the pre-treatment to the entire area. Encapsulation saves your carpets from permanent damage and wear, as well as makes your carpets look much better between steam carpet cleanings.

But how is encapsulation different from getting your carpets steam cleaned?

This process uses a certain detergent mixture which crystalizes the soil and other contaminants which lie within your carpets. These contaminants then become solid, making the process very easy to rid of them. However, the encapsulation itself does not clean the carpets, but vacuuming after crystalizing the contaminants is what rids of them. Encapsulation is also a much faster drying process, given that the moisture in the carpets evaporates much better. Furthermore, we at Bee Clean also use a product which includes a carpet protector solution at no additional cost to you!

Benefits: Extremely fast drying, removes many spots, helps you maintain a healthy carpet in between deep steam carpet cleanings, protects carpet fibers from permanent damage and wear.

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