Carpet & Pet Deodorizer and Special Treatments

Along with our other wide range of services, we also offer carpet and pet odor treatments. Our Bee Clean Technicians are trained for the usage of ultra-violet lights for the identification of pet accidents and other issues not visible with the naked eye. Because of our highly effective detection and inspection methods, we are able to solve your pet and other carpet odor problems more effectively.

Remember, not all carpets and textile odors require this in-depth treatment, certain odor problems can be treated prior to carpet cleaning. During the cleaning process the odor sources are rinsed away, leaving your carpets clean, sanitary, and of course, smelling great!

Some of our more extensive treatments include sub-surface extraction (which pulls any odor sources from the floor of your homes up to the top of the carpet) and the most intensive treatment of removing your carpet and padding (after the removal, a special treatment is applied, then your carpet is re-installed by our certified technicians).

Cool mist fogging is a seldom used method for odor or antimicrobial (i.e. mold, mildew, etc) treatments, however, is very effective when conventional methods cannot reach the source of the problem. An example of this is within air duct work or odor issues that have spread into the walls, basement, crawl space, etc. of your household.

Antimicrobial and anti-allergen treatments are very effective when applied to special areas of concern. These products are offered on a need analysis basis, and can be discussed with your cleaning professional at the time of service.

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